Magic Moment

Not for USA obviously but the late drama of Portugal’s equalizer summed up this World Cup in a nutshell. Exhilarating.

What the favela?!

Miguel Herrara’s manic celebrations
during Mexico’s win have gone viral. The boss takes passion to a new level.

Beach bum

Jordi Alba, who threatened a Spanish journalist with the words ‘I’ll rip your head off. Yes, yes, next time … I’m warning you.”

They said what?

‘I never thought we could be world champions, we have to be humble and know our level.’ — Cristiano Ronaldo, still suffering from knee troubles, gives his side a real confidence boost ahead of their remaining group game against Ghana on Friday.

Stat attack

1982 The last win for Algeria in the World Cup finals before this tournament’s 4-2 win over South Korea.

1996 The last time — before Monday’s match — that Holland played a match without a player with ‘Van’ in their name.

Results & fixtures


Costa Rica 0-0 England; Italy 0-1 Uruguay; Greece 2-1 Ivory Coast; Japan 1-4 Colombia.


1pm Group F 

Nigeria v Argentina 

Bosnia & Herzegovina v Iran

5pm Group E

Honduras v Switzerland

Ecuador v France


1pm Group G

Portugal v Ghana

USA v Germany

5pm Group H

Korea Republic v Belgium

Algeria v Russia