The Bermuda Triathlon  season gets under way on Sunday at Clearwater Beach with the Catlin Bermuda National Championships. 

I thought I would focus on some race tips. It is surprising how even experienced triathletes make  fundamental mistakes. 

Night before

PACK — Run through the set up / race in your head to make sure you don’t forget anything. 

• Pack  spare inner tube, swim cap and goggles (straps break). Tinted goggles if early sun.

• Study the course and transition map.

Race day 

• Up early to eat two hours before  race, eat something that won’t upset your stomach 

• Sip water regularly.

• Get to race at least 45 minutes before start.

• Ensure bike is in a good gear to start ride and is facing the bike exit and the brakes are not rubbing (common mistake when bikes are transported).

• Place gear by front wheel with helmet open and set so you can put it straight on and bike shoes, if not clipped on pedals, and run shoes wide open and facing the right way to put on. 

• Establish landmarks so you can easily find /rack your bike in race.

• Memorize  the transition entrances and exits.

• Warm up with run and stretch. Enter water early and warm up. Don’t adjust goggles once you know they are leak proof.


• Position yourself in right place. For example, don’t go to back if you are a reasonable swimmer. If there is a turn soon after the start the inside isn’t always best as you can get squeezed out.

• Look for landmarks on shoreline so you swim the shortest route.

• Start swim smoothly focusing on your stroke.

• Look up to sight buoys minimum every 6 strokes but don’t stop.


• Use gears wisely

• Make up time lost going uphill by using the downhills

• Drink and fuel properly for race distance.


• Focus on good running form at start and hold form.

• Break up run into portions.

Good luck!