Sir Alex Ferguson with his confirmed replacement, Everton manager David Moyes. *AFP photo
Sir Alex Ferguson with his confirmed replacement, Everton manager David Moyes. *AFP photo

Supporters of the Red Devils woke up on Wednesday morning to news he was bringing his illustrious career to an end, with Everton boss David Moyes swiftly appointed as his replacement.

It’s a time when many will look back on a giant of football and a man who won 13 Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies among the 38 collected over 26 years at the club. And Bermuda holds a unique distinction. It’s the only place to see him actually play for United — during a 4-2 mid-season tour defeat of Somerset Trojans in 1987.

A former striker for Glasgow Rangers, Fergie, then 45 and in his first full campaign as United boss, played the last 25 minutes in front of a healthy crowd at Somerset Cricket Club (programme pictured right).

Perhaps the beauty of Bermuda sedated him — or maybe he was simply out of breath — but there was no evidence of his infamous hairdryer treatment as he played alongside the likes of Bryan Robson.

Trojans and Bermuda national squad keeper Llewellyn Simmons, 55, was not in the playing squad that night but was a keen spectator  — and heckler. He told the Sun: “It was humorous because at that time he was in his 40s and we were teasing him about how easy we could get past this old man.

“Troy Berkeley had the benefit of being able to get past United players, including Fergie, and we managed to get two goals against him. It was a fun game. A lot of the guys were in awe of the guys they were playing against.

“We didn’t see any of his hairdryer treatment. He may have been 45 but the enthusiasm and fire were evident even then.”

He added: “I did speak to him but it was mostly about me being a diehard United fan, which he celebrated. My colleague Reginald Gomes, he was an Arsenal fan so there was plenty of banter going back and forth.

“Ferguson was the oldest player on the field but it was all competitive and in good spirit.

“Of course, there will be a lot of reflection now. We had photos but unfortunately all the memorabilia on the wall at the club was stolen in the late 1990s.”