In the past few weeks we have established what nutrition fuels triathletes need, why they are needed and in what ratios they are typically needed.

The next stage is: what are the best foods to eat and when. Below is a typical day.

Early AM two hour bike ride of which one hour is tempo and 20 minute tempo run off the bike, and 3,000 swim sets in the evening.

Early AM before your ride:  Bagel with peanut butter  and a banana or a bowl of cereal with fruit.

During the ride : Drink 4 / 8 oz of fluid every 15 minutes (depending on weather, exertion) alternating between water and a carbohydrate / electrolyte replacement drink.  Continue to take in carbohydrates in the form of sports drink or energy bars or similar (30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour).

After the ride : A poached egg on toast and / or oatmeal with fruit. DRINK WATER and electrolyte replacement drink or almond chocolate milk.

Mid morning : Some unsalted nuts and fruit (such as cranberries or blueberries or an apple).

Lunchtime: Turkey salad or sandwich with selection of vegetables ( peppers / tomato / lettuce / cauliflower, broccoli, onions, carrots, celery, cucumbers, avocado) feta or low fat cheese for taste and olive oil dressing or brown race or Quinoa based salad with vegetables and lean meat — DRINK WATER

Mid afternoon : vegetable pieces and nuts or a piece of fruit. A couple of pieces of dark chocolate. DRINK WATER 

One hour before swim session: energy bar and start sipping carbohydrate / electrolyte drink.

During swim session: water bottles (2) with water and carbohydrate / electrolyte drink. Sip regularly after each set and between sets.

After swim session: Protein shake or Greek low fat yogurt) with fruit then dinner of lean meat or fish with vegetables or rice or baked potato with some grated cheese or sour cream.

The past three weeks I have provided guidelines only and space does not permit me to go into greater detail. 

I recommend you meet with a sports nutritionist to work out your own specific fuelling needs depending on your training plan and body type and personal food preferences.