As part of the Saracens Fundraising Week in Bermuda, in association with BRFU and working with the Beyond Rugby/Family Centre charity, the professional sports coaches and staff of Saracens have kindly agreed to hold a “Coach the Coach” seminar at the Hamilton Princess on Tuesday, May 28 from 5.30pm until 7.30pm.  This event is free to attend and is designed to cover a general overview of coaching sport, not focusing on any one specific sport.  The seminar is designed to provide an insight into such areas as sport psychology, getting the best from available talent and understanding how to develop the correct culture within a successful sports club. 

 Saracens have seen an unprecedented rise to the top of club rugby in the UK over the past four years.  This success can be attributed to a number of key factors.  Bermuda is very fortunate to have three of the people who have played a major part in the club’s success, Edward Griffiths, Alex Sanderson and Andy Edwards, coming to the island as part of the Saracens Fundraising Week in Bermuda.  They will be presenting and providing advice and insight into how to achieve success in high performance sport - the Saracens way.  It is critical to understand the importance of culture, talent and attitude in sport. The focus of the seminar will be on the following main areas:

Prioritising to build a long lasting culture, values and their importance,

Maintaining the culture,

Players personal development program: the importance of having a life outside sport, and

Coaching methodology: positive reinforcement, the use of statistics, dovetailing with the strength and conditioning, and creative coaching as a means to avoid mental fatigue during the season.

The Saracens coaches will be joined on stage by some of Bermuda’s national team coaches.  Arnold Manders (Cricket), Jene Charles (Netball) and Andrew Bascome (Soccer) will present a local perspective on how the advice and knowledge can be utilised by the local coaches and teachers in the audience.  The organisers expect many questions and will be actively encouraging the audience to fully participate in the seminar.

All local coaches and teachers of ALL sports, no matter what level, are encouraged to attend what promises to be an exciting opportunity for the development of sport in Bermuda.  To book your place, please send an email to – refreshments will be provided.

For further information on this seminar and the Saracens Funds Raising week, please visit