The Miller Handicap Snooker Challenge Tournament was held last Saturday at the Royal Artillery Association and St. George’s Dinghy Club.

And with 10 players entered, Maurice Hawkins picked his way through to the finals to emerge as champion.

The first of the semi finals saw Timmy Sousa defeat Honky Burrows.

Sousa would have to spot Burrows eight points to start, with Sousa winning 2–1.

The second semi finals match saw Hawkins defeat  Jacal Washington 2-1, with Hawkins spotting Washington 10 points.

Final showdown

In a race to two games in the final showdown, Sousa gave up five points and Hawkins won in straight rames — winning 56-45 and 49-37.

The Bermuda Snooker Association would like to thank Miller and Island Construction Services for their continued sponsorship. 

The next Miller Snooker Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 1 at Queen’s Club and Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. 

Sign up is at 12 noon at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. 

Penny DeSilva is the PR officer for the Bermuda Snooker League.