*Images from facebook
*Images from facebook

Friends of Dale Skipper Boorman today paid tribute to the popular Bermudian motocross biker who was killed in the US last night.

A 20-year-old died after colliding with another biker on a motorcross track in central Florida.

Today Mr Boorman's Facebook page was inundated with heartfelt tributes from devastated friends.

David Henderson said: "It's hard to believe that your gone..skating town isn't going to be the same without you bro.

"I will always remember that grin you had when you just landed a new trick an was always pumped to skate an that always got me pumped to go bigger an we would always have a great time..it was amazing to watch you ride and i would sometimes catch u out on the town an we would always talk for hours about random stuff...I'll truly miss you my brother."

While Malachi Simmons added: "Just got the news about a dear friend of mine... Dale Skipper Boorman I was literally just talking about you the other day and how you chew your tongue when you concentrate.... I'm starting to realise how easy it is for someone to go and I'm glad I had such good memories with you... Rest in Peace my brother. I'll be seeing you again one day."

Mr Boorman was riding alongside the inside of the track at the Moto X Raceway in Pinellas Park when another biker, riding in the opposite direction on the outside edge of the track entered a jump just prior to a turn.

When the other rider went airborne, he entered Mr Boorman’s lane of travel, according to local police, and the two collided.

The bike struck Mr Boorman in the head and upper body. He was pronounced dead at 7:11 pm, according to police. 

Mr Boorman’s father was at the track at the time of the accident. 

Kiah Vernee said: "R.I.P, Dale... your were such a lovely soul! I enjoyed your humor and exciting nature when we both were at LEA. We were not that close but we were definitely one of Ms. Smith's pride and joys!.I'll miss you!"

Anthony Gerard Alexander Fernandes added: "Dale, you are one of the very few good men I have met walking the face of this earth, you gave without expecting to be given, and shared without expecting to receive, virtues that Christ himself spoke and lived you embodied without effort, you are a patient, and all around great dude, hard working, dependable, and I can't return the favours you've done for me.

"This situation has brought our last conversation to a significant close, and in sharing our thoughts the last time we spoke, I know I'll see you again man. There's tears in my eyes as I write this Dale, Goodbye for now my friend, my prayers are with you and your family."