Bermuda is participating in the Caribbean Equestrian Association Junior Show-Jumping competition this weekend in Barbados.

The complete competition involves junior riders, under 17 years, competing from the following countries, Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman, Jamaica and Trinidad.

The competition is held on a rotation basis so that three countries compete in each round, and each country competes in three competitions of which they host one.

A junior rider 12 years or under from each country also participates, but only for the experience, which is crucial for all of our young riders.

Representing Bermuda are Brittany Ricca, Nicole Hassell and Marlena Tucker.

Ricca, a student at Saltus, is 13 years old and has been riding since the age of 4. She rides out of Inwood Stables under the instruction of Nick DeCosta.

This is Brittany’s second time participating in the CEA competition as she competed in the Under 12's CEA competition in Antigua last year where she won the event for that group.

Marlena Tucker is 13 years old and has been riding for about seven years.

Her mountis Black Tie Affair, aka Tux. Tucker rides out of Hinson Hall Stables, and her coach is Michael Rodriguez. Tucker is a talented rider but that is not all, she attends MSA where she maintains honour roll marks.

Nicole Hassell is a 12 year old student at Warwick Academy. She has been riding for seven years, out of Inwood Stables.

She competes successfully, on Tobias here in Bermuda under the instruction of Sophy Kleinschmidt. Hassell is involved in ballet and tap at Jackson's School, and was a member of the Dance Bermuda 2005.

Travelling as the Bermuda coach is Michael Rodriguez. He has been teaching for eight years, riding for 17 years. He began as an instructor at Inwood Stables in Hamilton Parish, and then moved to be based at Hinson Hall Stables in Smiths. Rodriguez teaches both junior and adult students and he enjoys all aspects of horse sports, jumping, dressage, and he gets a rush from Harness Racing. Also travelling as Chaperone for the team will be Lisa Ricca.