Dominique Mayho. *File photo
Dominique Mayho. *File photo

On Sunday June 1, 2014, Bermuda’s bicyclists took to the Roads in Paget, Warwick and Southampton on an 11 mile loop between from Paget lights and Barnes Corner. The youngest riders started the race by riding from South Road.

Team Fast Forward Bicycle Works, the sponsors of this race, want to thank the 43 riders, family members, coworkers and members of the community for providing road marshals to ensure that every road user was safe from harm. We would also like to thank Arnolds markets for allowing the use of their parking lot on South Road, Warwick. The BBA also extends a thank you to the motoring public for their patience.

The racing started with the youngest riders racing a 6 mile loop seeing  Team Fast  Forward Bicycle Works Alex Southern taking first place followed by Harris Trent, and Team Tokio’s  Nicholas Narraway .

The Juniors riding the 11 mile loop one of the most exciting finishes of the day in a 3 cycle battle between Team Social Cycles Benjamin Edwards and Team Fast Forward Bicycle Works Nicholas Pilgrim and Winners Edge Alexander Miller. Edwards surged ahead at the last moment taking first followed by Pilgrim and Miller respectively crossing less than a half a second apart.

The oldest of the Juniors racing 22 miles, had Team Winners Edge Kaden Hopkins taking the followed by Robin Horsfield 3 seconds behind. Jordon Dowling rounded out the top three of these young riders. The young ladies watched Rebecca Harrison beat out Cassandra McPhee.

In the adult categories the young Gabriella Arnold of Winners Edge commanded the women’s finish after 33 miles with a time of 1.42.07 beating out Fast forward Bicycle Works Laura Norman and Winners Edge Teammate Penelope Butterfield. Gabby was also awarded best young rider for her category.

First second and third in the Men’s C class also racing 33 miles and crossing the line at nearly the same time, saw RaJul Mathie-Shaki of Social cycles take first and best Young rider in his class, followed by Winners Edge Michael Thomas and Social cycles teammate Sean Dickinson coming in third.

Adult B class top 4 riders were all less than 1Ž2 a second apart after 44 miles with Team Social Cycles taking 1st and 3rd by Dennis Joell and Daren Dowling, and Winners edge Randy Burgess squeezing between the two to take 2nd place.

The final race of the day covering 55 miles had Dominique Mayho from Team Madison-Digicel take their teams’ only top 3 placement of the day earning a 1st place finish to narrowly beat out Winners Edge Darren Glasford and Team Tokio’s Shannon Lawrence for 2nd and third respectively.