Champions: Somerset captain Jekon Edness lifts the Cup Match trophy in 2013. *file photo
Champions: Somerset captain Jekon Edness lifts the Cup Match trophy in 2013. *file photo

Somerset president Alfred Maybury says his club could be entering into a period of Cup Match dominance.

The manner of the last two performances coupled with St George’s struggles has led many to believe the west could have the edge for a number of years.

Maybury recognizes it would be foolish to write off St George’s but says the amount of young talent at his disposal is impressive.

He told the Bermuda Sun: “It could be a period of dominance — you can look at it like that but also recognise that Somerset’s  team is very young as is St George’s and cricket is a funny game.

“But it does appear that this Somerset team looks to be a little more dominant and then when you look at all the young players coming through — we have a bright future.”

He added: “The young players do not surprise me.

“Somerset, and St George’s to some degree,  but Somerset has done a lot of work to prepare young people and so you will find that in the Somerset area the cricket clubs have very good thriving youth programmes so we’re teaching our young how to play the game and commit to the game and you are seeing the results.

“That’s what you are seeing now, young people who have been coached well.

“That’s testament to the coaching staff of not only Somerset CC but clubs like Willow Cuts, Southampton  Rangers, Warwick, PHC...”

Maybury believes this year is far from a shoo-in though and says his selectors have a tough job on their hands.

“I think right now the primary focus of the selectors is picking a well-balanced team and a team that the membership of Somerset and fans of
Somerset are 100 per cent behind.

“Because our objective is a win not a draw and that’s what every one wants to see — a victory. Nobody  wants to see a draw.

“It would be very sweet to get an outright win at home. We remember 2012 so we’ll be looking to do it again in 2014.”