St George’s president Neil Paynter believes getting people in who care deeply about the club is central to their ongoing rebuilding programme.

Their young team were outplayed in a drawn match last year and the general consensus was that this team needs time to find itself once again — and bring through new talent.

“I wouldn’t say the mix was off last year,” he told the Bermuda Sun.

“We had quite a few youngsters but I don’t think that was a bad thing. I think that was the time to do it, to blood them in and let them get a feel for what it’s about because a lot of our youngsters  don’t really know what it’s about until they are in that atmosphere.”

He added: “Not that we don’t support other players because we want anyone who wants to be a part of the club — but our job is just to get people who really want to play for St George’s cricket club.

“Whether they play for St David’s, Bailey’s Bay or St George’s CC, if they want to be a part of this and make it successful.”

Paynter was coy over the likely makeup of this year’s final squad but he says the onus is on the selectors to mould the players into a potentially-winning outfit.

He said: “The mood is very good, everyone is anticipating a good match and we’ve got guys out training keen to want to be a part of the game, so the selectors have a job on their hands producing a team that not only can bring the Cup back but have a very good victory.”

He added: “From what I see I believe there is going to be some changes.

“How many remains to be seen because once our coaching staff put their plan together they like to be able to pick players to support that plan and bring that plan to fruition.”

Paynter says the added hurdle this year is the venue where, of course, Somerset will have home advantage. “It does change to a certain degree. The atmosphere changes because you probably have more support for the other team.

“If they come to St George’s we can create a St George’s atmosphere — that’s the difference. Bermuda is small but it’s daunting when you go to Somerset and play.

“They have a few danger men. Janiero Tucker is one — if we get him early – but they have other people who can change the game like Malachi Jones and people like that.

So really it’s about people
working together and putting a game plan in and bringing it to fruition.” n