Premier Michael Dunkley sent out a Bermuda Day message on Sunday, praising the island’s ‘resilient’ people and urging them to enjoy the festivities.

His statement read: “It is my pleasure to extend best wishes to everyone on this Bermuda Day. This holiday is that one very special day of the year when we come together to celebrate our heritage and each other.

“It’s also a day where we participate in the numerous Bermuda Day activities, such as supporting the runners, dancing with the Gombeys at the Bermuda Day parade, or even taking our first swim of the year.

“It’s a day to enjoy family and friends and a day to just simply immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds of our culture.

“Bermuda is an Island built upon a strong foundation of lasting traditions of which we can be proud, and this year’s theme, Bermuda’s Historical Treasures, is very fitting, as it gives us cause to celebrate the unique aspects of our culture.

“I have come to realize over my lifetime that Bermudians are a tremendously resilient and strong people. Whatever challenges we’ve encountered during our history, whether it’s social, economic or political, as a people, history has demonstrated that we always find solutions to overcome our difficulties.

“As we pause to celebrate Bermuda Day, it is my hope that we take some time to reflect on how unique and special this Country is. As we look ahead we must endeavor to uphold our traditions for future generations, teaching and instilling in our children the importance of sustaining our heritage.

“So on this Bermuda Day, whether you are dancing in the streets, enjoying the beach, or spending the day with family and friends, I want to encourage you to truly appreciate the treasures of Bermuda and above all, appreciate one another as Bermudians.

“On behalf of the Government and people of Bermuda, I want to take this opportunity to extend you best wishes and trust that you will have a safe and fun filled Bermuda Day.”