Following my column last week, firstly let me ensure my survival by listing other Bermudian names of St. Kitts and Nevis(SKN) origin: Bridgewater, Daniels, Dublin, Francis, Galloway, Govia, Hendrickson, Henry, Martin, Nisbett, Thomas, Wade, Woodley.

Basically, look in the SKN telephone book and you will see Bermuda. To anyone not listed ,my apologies. Today I will continue my series on St Kitts and Nevis, where ‘Country above self’ is the national motto.


At one time the entire island was essentially one sugar plantation after the other. SKN was known as Sugar City. In 1995 the labour government basically ended that programme due to falling world prices.

From what I can see and gather, SKN has begun to diversify its economy via:


Three international accredited medical schools;

Financial services.

More and more Kittitians are becoming university educated, and returning to start their own businesses in any number of fields. 


SKN are your typical Eastern Caribbean islands with friendly people, laid back and unhurried lifestyles, and almost everyone related to each other via blood or marriage.

Walking down the street you’ll see dominoes being slapped down on tables and I also noticed a few fast food chains popping up such as Subway, KFC, and Dominos. However, you will always be able to get fresh local food and juices. After a week or so, my rental car had about 20 empty bottles of carrot juice, cane juice, coconut water.

Business opportunities

The biggest opportunities are tourist-related such as upscale restaurants  but also in providing permanent accommodations for the thousands of medical students. With prices for land and construction at about 50% of the costs in Bermuda, it would be foolish not to look to invest in St Kitts. 

Imagine construction costs of $150 US per square foot. When last did you hear of that in Bermuda?

Forget that next shopping trip to New Jersey and head down to St Kitts. American Airlines will get you there via Miami.


Unfortunately, there has been some growth of a gang-like culture in St Kitts, resulting in the loss of too many young men. Nevis itself has been relatively untouched by this blight. I have never felt unsafe to walk or drive around St Kitts at any hour of the day or night. If you are not involved in gangs you have no worries.


The sitting government SKN Labour Party has been in power for 19 years, winning four elections. The next election will be held by 2015. 

There is currently a Team Unity coalition opposition consisting of three parties; Peoples Action Movement (PAM), Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) and Peoples Labour Party (PLP). Oh the irony. They contest for 11 seats, so anyone getting a combination of six seats wins. Each constituency has roughly 3,000 voters.

Political issues include crime, the economy, corruption and lack of transparency. Sound familiar?

I have always looked at anyone from SKN as family. So in conclusion, I say to you; make sure you go home, and invest in our friendly islands.