SATURDAY, SEPT. 29, 8:30AM: A Filipino crewmember on a tanker was rushed to hospital with burns this morning after a cargo explosion on board the ship.

According to Bermuda Maritime, Sea Moon was en route to Karachi, Pakistan from New Orleans with a cargo of coal when it called in via satellite at 3:05pm yesterday.

“The ship was reporting an explosion in a cargo hold resulting in the loss of a crew member overboard in a position 140 miles southwest of Bermuda.

“The ship advised that her fast rescue boat had been lowered into the water and the crew member recovered.

“The 33 year old Filipino national had suffered full body burns and the ship was diverting to Bermuda for medical evacuation.

“An inspection of the hold indicated that there was no fire, the cargo was stable and there was no damage to the ships’ hull.”

Sea Moon arrived into St David’s at 2:45 this morning and local authorities boarded the ship with a doctor.

A stretcher was put on a pilot boat for the injured man and he was taken to Ordnance Island where an ambulance was waiting to take him to hospital.

The ship is presently at anchor 1.5 miles east of St David’s Lighthouse where she will remain until company representatives and surveyors have inspected her.