FRIDAY, MAR. 18: A motorcyclist who was robbed at gunpoint as he drove home has described the moment his attackers pointed a firearm at him.

The man was forced to pull over and hand over all his cash by the roadside as one of the robbers waved a gun at him.

He told the Bermuda Sun he was left stunned and shaken by his ordeal.

The robbery took place close to the Newstead Hotel on Harbour Road on Tuesday night. It is the latest in a spate of incidents where bikers have been held up at gunpoint and robbed.

The man, who asked not to be named, told us: “I was driving home at around 10:30pm along Harbour Road. I could see the headlights of a bike coming up behind me but I did not think anything of it. There two guys on the bike as they drew up alongside me.

“I looked across and the guy on the back just pulled out a gun and pointed it right at me. They were shouting at me to pull over. I just thought ‘is this really happening?’ but I did what they said. I was stunned. It was like it was not real.

“I pulled over and they told me to hand over my money. I gave them some cash from my wallet and they just sped off. They did not take anything else. They did not say much and they didn’t hit me. I just stood there afterwards. I could not believe what had happened.”

The victim drove home, called 911 and detectives visited him at home.

He said: “I felt angry afterwards because I did not look at them more and get better descriptions. They kept their helmets on throughout and I could not really see their faces. I did not think to get the licence plate. It all just happened so quickly. But I had never been in a situation like that before. I am quite a calm sort of person and I have tried to put it behind me. But everyone has been asking me about it and if I am okay.

“I would be more worried about the effect something like this would have had on my girlfriend. I’m certainly looking over my shoulder a bit more now and I am conscious about locking doors and things like that.”

Five people have been arrested in connection with the spate of armed robberies. But last night police would not say whether any of them remained in custody or had been released on bail.

In a press release earlier this week a spokesman said two men were arrested after  “several” motorcyclists were robbed at gunpoint between 10:30pm and 11:45pm on Monday. Shortly after the robbery on Harbour Road officers detained another three people and seized an imitation firearm.

On Wednesday the spokesman said: “It is too early to confirm any links between the robberies on Monday and the robbery on Tuesday but we are considering this possibility. Police are working closely with the victims to build a comprehensive picture of event.”

Anyone with information about these incidents to contact the Hamilton Criminal Investigation Unit on 295-0011 or Crime Stoppers Bermuda on 800-8477.