The well-dressed snorkellers are Stephen West and Cyril ‘Hooks’ Cooper. *Photo supplied by Cyril Cooper
The well-dressed snorkellers are Stephen West and Cyril ‘Hooks’ Cooper. *Photo supplied by Cyril Cooper

Last Friday’s photo — Flippers & tuxedos

Readers had no problem connecting the flippers and the tuxedos. 

Dr Edward Schultz, Gail Dupont, Wayne Soares, Whitney Evans, John Plested, Scott Stallard and two unidentified callers helped to piece together the story behind last week’s unusual photo.

 The event was the 1977 premiere of ‘The Deep’ at the now nonexistent Rosebank Theatre on Richmond Road, where the drive-through Butterfield Bank stands today (City Hall is just visible in the background which looks east along Church Street). The movie had been filmed in Bermuda the previous year.

Stylish arrival

The well-dressed snorkellers are Stephen West and Cyril ‘Hooks’ Cooper, who arrived in a horse and carriage according to Dr. Schultz. 

Wayne Soares, who was assistant manager of the theatre, is on the left in the white tuxedo, although there is a disagreement between Mr. Soares himself and Whitney Evans as to the identity of the man on his right. Mr Soares said it was Donny Boys, a fellow assistant manager, whereas Ms Evans said it was Bill Lye. Ms. Evans also thought the man beyond Mr. Soares’ left shoulder could be Hartley Watlington.

 Scott Stallard had in fact worked on the movie over the previous summer, speeding around corners in his father’s car with a cameraman in the back filming chase scenes, among other things (his father, of course, was unaware).

 Of the filming, Dr Schultz said “I was employed as a diver at the time, working for David McLeod’s Skin Diving Adventures based at the Pompano Beach Club and Robinson’s Marina. 

“We took some of the cast out diving on the wreck of the schooner ‘Constellation’ which had sunk in World War II.”

Dr Schultz explained that one of movie’s heroes, ‘Romer Treece’, played by Robert Shaw, was based on legendary Bermudian diver Edward ‘Teddy’ Tucker, who had a cameo in the film. Tucker himself was a friend of the author of the book on which the film was based, Peter Benchley of ‘Jaws’ fame.


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