Last Friday’s photo — retail store

Interesting feedback — but no clear consensus on last week’s photo. Ceblle Dawson, Kimberly Miller, Diane Scott and Marcia Bradshaw all called in with their thoughts. Their recollections, however, did not match up, so we’ll lay out the information they told us and let you decide for yourselves. We were given four possible locations, including Lines Brothers and Tribley’s. 

Kimberly Miller suggested that it was Store Reliability, at the end of Church Street, and owned by Adelaide Madeiros. Diane Scott sounded the most certain when she said that it was the Sweater and Gift Shop, on the corner of Church and Burnaby, in the old Imperial Hotel building.

As for the people pictured, Ms Miller suggested that the lady second from the right is Yvette Caisey, although Ms Scott again sounded very sure that it is Vernice Furbert. 

Scott Stallard (who provided the photo) assured us that the lady on the far right is Vera Commissiong, mother of PLP MP Rolfe Commissiong. 

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Recognize this bar? And/or any of the servers? Can you guess roughly when this photo was taken? What can you tell us? And do you have any unusual, old photos to share? E-mail Photo Editor Gary Skelton: Or call him on 278-1880.

*Photos courtesy of Scott Stallard