Last Friday’s photo — The Coral Islanders

A terrific response from readers to last week’s ‘Back in the Day’ photo.

Darlene Ming, George Courtney Jr, Evelyn Lespere, Calvin Hendrickson, Ed White, Wilbert Warner Snr, Dennis Fox, Ty Stovell, the ever-helpful Ellen Coelho, and two unidentified callers all enthusiastically confirmed the identity of the musicians in last week’s photo.

It is, of course, none other than the Hubert ‘Bermuda is Another World’ Smith and his Coral Islanders. Left to right, the band members were Stan Seymour, Hubert Smith, Albert Fox, and Earl Darrell. 

Mr. Seymour is the only surviving member today, with a number of calypso records on the market under the name ‘Lord Necktie’.

Evelyn Lespere recognized her big brother Hubert Smith immediately, recalling his many years with the band, while Dennis Fox spotted his father Albert on the double bass (the instrument is still kept in the family, and Dennis himself is part of the Giant Steps band).

Calvin Hendrickson said that he sang under the tutelage of the Coral Islanders when they gave his vocal group a start in 1956, performing as their backing band at Clay House Inn on North Shore Road.

There was contention over the location, with some people saying it was the Clay House Inn and another The Harmony Club. However, both Dennis Fox and Darlene Ming offered the most convincing argument for the photo having been taken during a recording session in the ZBM Television studio at Bermuda Broadcasting.

Ms Ming said “Giveaways for me include the drapes in the background, the floor ‘riser’ just behind the musicians and their instruments, and the studio Christmas tree on the left side of the pic.”

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*Photos courtesy of Scott Stallard