Make his day: You can treat your dad in so many ways this Father’s Day, including 
taking him bike riding. *IStock photp
Make his day: You can treat your dad in so many ways this Father’s Day, including taking him bike riding. *IStock photp

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about ways to celebrate the number one male in your life. 

In light of these tough economic times, it pays to be creative and cost effective while still letting Dad know that he’s priceless.

We compiled a list of the top 20 things you can do to show dad how much you love him.

1. Start off his day with homemade breakfast in bed. Whether it’s his favourite pancakes or his eggs cooked just the way he loves them, he’ll be pleased that you took the time to make him happy on his special day.

2. If he’s not an early riser, perhaps he’d prefer brunch at one of the many restaurants on the island.

3. Is he a nature lover? Then maybe spend some time riding with him through railway trails. It’s relaxing and a great way to sneak in some exercise.

4. What man doesn’t like to be pampered? A massage or pedicure is surely the way to do it!

5. If dad prefers to be outdoors, how about going fishing with him… take him off the rocks. Revitalize his childhood memories.

6. Is dad nostalgic? Create a scrapbook from moments captured over the last few years. Create memories that can last forever.

7. If dad prefers to spend time with the entire family, pack a picnic lunch and spend some time on the beach or at the Botanical Gardens. 

8. Mini-golf is always a way to have fun without the stress of sand dunes!

9. Start a family tradition and start an interfamily bowling competition…both alleys are open on Sundays so it’s bound to be fun!

10. If dad loves water sports, he’ll surely enjoy FlyBoarding… it’s become really popular over the last year.

11. Another oceanic option…glass bottom kayaking…what a thrill!

12. If dad is desiring some quiet time, there will be a Beach Mediation session at Warwick Long Bay Beach starting at 5:30pm. Meditating to soothing
guitars and drums is zen!

13. Surprise dad with a barbeque at home. Invite a few of his closest friends and let him and his buddies enjoy the afternoon together while you prepare his favourite meal.

14. You can never go wrong with a bottle of dad’s cologne. Add in a body wash to complement the scent, too!

15. Who’s music does your dad love the most? A compilation CD will make his heart sing.

16. Is there a sport that he wants to learn? Give him lessons...the gift that keeps on giving.

17. If dad makes regular trips to the barber, he would appreciate a gift certificate…at least you know he’ll use it.

18. If dad has an idevice and loves buying apps, an itunes card would be the perfect gift for the dad who has everything.

19. Do you love poetry and spoken word? Invite your dad with you to Chewstick’s open mic night…and surprise him with a performance centred around what he means to you.

20. Don’t forget to tell your father you love him. There is no gift greater than knowing that your child thinks the world of you!