TUESDAY, MARCH 20: An 18-year-old man today admitted throwing a drink in his ex-girlfriend’s face and threatening her and her boyfriend.

Rahki Paul pleaded guilty in Magistrates’ Court to assaulting Dawrae Gibbons on March 18 in Pembroke.

The court heard at 9:20pm, Paul spoke to Ms Gibbons at the Dandy Town Club bar.

He then threw a drink in her face.

He then said: “I’ll shoot you and your boyfriend.”

Police came to the club and asked defendant about the incident.

He said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He was arrested and admitted in an interview that he was drunk and said he threw a cup of ice at Ms Gibbons.

Addressing the court, Paul said: “I would just like to apologise for my actions and I was really drunk.

Crown counsel Maria Sofianos told the court Paul was on bail for another matter.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo then asked Paul who was in court with him.

He said his girlfriend.

Mr Tokunbo then said: “She needs to be aware that he threatens to shoot girlfriends when he gets drunk so I hope she’s listening.”

The Magistrate ordered a social inquiry report and adjourned the matter to May 14.

Paul was given $2,000 bail and a curfew of 10pm to 6am.

He was also told to have no contact with Ms Gibbons.