Thom Strange as the boat is led back into the water. *Photo supplied
Thom Strange as the boat is led back into the water. *Photo supplied

The story of how an old rusting boat was brought back from the brink is set to be told to millions across the globe.

The incredible restoration project undertaken by Dave Geraghty will feature in an upcoming edition of ‘Extreme Houseboats’ on the Travel Channel.

Mr Geraghty bought the 60ft Aristocat back in 2000, after it had spent almost a decade falling into disrepair in Dockyard.

And the police sergeant spent every spare minute for the next five years fixing and restoring the old vessel. He changed the boat’s name to Cora, after his mother, and lived in it in Flatts for nearly five years before selling it to Thom Strange in 2006.

Now Mr Strange and Mr Geraghty have been asked to appear in the television programme, which is due to, be recorded next month.

Mr Geraghty told the Bermuda Sun: “The boat had been brought over to Bermuda as a tour boat from Lake Ozark in Missouri but it only lasted for around a yea.

‘Then it was just left up in Dockyard for around 10 years and no one touched it. When I saw it I thought there was a lot of potential and I paid out $18,000 for her.”

He added: “For the next four-and-a-half years I spent my weekends and holidays doing her up.

“I pretty much taught myself and I imagine I spent a million dollars worth of hours on her.

“It was real labour of love. After countless bruises, numerous bloodied knuckles, a total of twelve stitches and three broken ribs she had been completely transformed.”

Mr Geraghty lived in the boat for just over four years before selling it to Mr Strange around seven years ago. Mr Strange had been living in Cora for the last seven years, when the pair were contacted by bosses at the Travel Channel who had read about the restoration project in Bermuda Home and Garden.

Film crews hope to visit the island next month to start recording.

Mr Strange, an American claims snalyst at Allied World Assurance, said: “It’s pretty exciting.

“The idea of film crews coming on board and telling her story is great.

“I love this boat and love living up here in Dockyard where there is a great sense of community. 

“But I think my time with her is coming to an end and I am looking to sell her later in the year.

“This show would be a fitting tribute to Cora.n