Audra-Ann Bean admitted using $4,000 from her grandmother's account to buy shoes, clothing and jewellery. *File photo by Kageaki Smith
Audra-Ann Bean admitted using $4,000 from her grandmother's account to buy shoes, clothing and jewellery. *File photo by Kageaki Smith

TUESDAY, APRIL 24: A women spent money from her grandmother’s bank account on shoes, clothing and jewellery, a jury heard today.

Audra-Ann Bean, 44, admitted that $4,000 from her joint account with her grandmother Lenice Tucker and sister Lorraine Smith, 46, was used to make purchases at Gibbons Company, Sports Source, Impressions Hair and Nails, Nine West, Boyles, Marks and Spencer, ER Aubrey and Face and Body.

She had earlier told the jury she had asked her grandmother to help with her bills and admitted she didn’t give her any details on the amount or the bills.

Cross-examining her, Crown counsel Garret Byrne said: “So when you spoke to Len, did you say that the bills you wanted to pay were these, that you wanted to buy some shoes and jewellery?”

Ms Bean said: “No, I didn’t.”

Asked why she didn’t, Ms Bean said: “Because I hadn’t purchased those as yet.”

Mr Byrne continued to quiz Ms Bean.

“Was it because you didn’t have these conversations?”

Ms Bean said: “Yes I did.”

He then suggested she was “telling a pack of lies”, which she denied.

“I have to put it to you that between July 15 and January 13, you together with your sister used Lenice Tucker by financially exploiting her,” Mr Byrne said.

Ms Bean said no.

“You took her to those banks, put pressure on her to sign those documents.

“You told her it was for debit cards.

“You never helped her to understand what she was signing.”

Ms Bean said that wasn’t true.

“On October 8, you transferred her money without telling her, you stole that figure from Lenice Tucker didn’t you?”

Ms Bean said no.

Earlier in her evidence, Ms Bean told the court she moved her grandmother’s money along with Ms Smith to protect it from her father and a man called Kelly.

She said she felt they would steal the money as they were seen in the bank that day.

Mr Byrne said: “Why didn’t you call the police?

“If there were two people trying to steal money, why didn’t you call the police?”

Ms Bean said: “Because I wasn’t sure if Len was with them or not.”

Mr Byrne continued: “If Len was with them, she would have withdrawn the money.

“It was her money and she could do what she wants.”

Ms Bean said yes.

The prosecutor continued: “Do you see the difference in talking to Len and trying to persuade her not to give people money and going to the bank and transferring all her money?”

Ms Bean said she tried to persuade her grandmother.

She said she called the bank to alert them to her father and Kelly and then went with Ms Smith.

Mr Byrne asked if she had her cell phone with her and Ms Bean said yes.

“How long would it have taken you to call Len, 30 seconds?

“To say, ‘Len, come to the bank, Kelly and Ivan are at the bank’.

“Did you do that?”

Ms Bean said no.

“Did you do that at all that day?”

Ms Bean again said no.

“Did you make a call to Lenice Tucker that night? The next day?”

Ms Bean said no.

“The truth of it is that you stole that money for your own purpose.”

Ms Bean said no.

“What made you think she would have been okay with it?”

Ms Bean said: “Because the funds would have been secure.”

But Mr Byrne disagreed and said: “But they weren’t secure because your sister and you stole it.

“Lenice Tucker started out with $500,000.

“By the time you and your sister finished with her, it was $367,000.”

Ms Bean and Ms Smith deny financially exploiting their grandmother and stealing nearly half a million dollars from her.