Lorraine Smith, 46, and sister Audra-Ann Bean, 44 *File photos by Kageaki Smith
Lorraine Smith, 46, and sister Audra-Ann Bean, 44 *File photos by Kageaki Smith

TUESDAY, APRIL 17: A grandmother today told a jury her granddaughter who allegedly stole from her was her favourite.

Lenice Tucker, 87, took the stand earlier this morning and told a jury she didn’t give permission to her granddaughters Lorraine Smith, 46, and Audra-Ann Bean, 44, to empty her bank accounts.

This afternoon, Larry Mussenden, lawyer for the sisters, asked her a series of questions about her relationship with Ms Bean and Ms Smith.

Ms Tucker told the jury Ms Smith was her favourite granddaughter and said her relationship with Ms Bean wasn’t the same.

The court heard she raised the girls when they were younger.

Mr Mussenden took Ms Tucker through the events leading up to her sister Lesseline’s death.

She told the court Lesseline went to the hospital when her health deteriorated and didn’t come home.

When she found out her sister died, she told the sisters to call Amos Funeral Home to take care of the funeral.

Ms Tucker said she went to Butterfield Bank with Ms Bean to take out $8,000 for the funeral.

Mr Mussenden said: “When you were sitting with Audra-Ann, you suggested that she come onto the bank account with you.”

Ms Tucker said: “No, it’s so much lies.”

Mr Mussenden then asked if the woman at the bank organised the papers to put Ms Bean on the account.

The witness said: “None of those girls were on my account but me.”

Mr Mussenden then suggested Ms Bean called Ms Smith to come to the bank because Ms Tucker wanted to add her to the account as well.

Ms Tucker said no.

Mr Mussenden then asked if she remembered going to HSBC with Ms Bean to put the sisters on her accounts.

Ms Tucker said she didn’t remember.

Ms Bean and Ms Smith deny financially exploiting their grandmother and stealing half a million dollars from her bank accounts.

The trial continues.