BFA president Larry Mussenden will chair the FIFA Appeals Committee. *File photo
BFA president Larry Mussenden will chair the FIFA Appeals Committee. *File photo

Bermuda may not have a team at this year’s World Cup but the island still has a role to play in the event.

Bermuda Football Association general secretary David Sabir has been appointed the stadium security officer for the Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza, Brasil.

Sabir will be responsible for all security operations at the Stadium and will work in cooperation with the Brasil Local Organizing Committee, other FIFA officials and the police and military. 

Estadio Castelao will host some big matches, such as Brasil versus Mexico. 

Last year this time, Sabir was also the stadium security officer for Estadio Castelao for the Confederations Cup. He had a similar appointment for the World Cup in South Africa. 

Sabir is one of the most experienced FIFA stadium security officers, having conducted security reviews of stadia around the world on an ongoing. 

BFA president Larry Mussenden will chair the FIFA Appeals Committee, made up of a variety of lawyers from around the world.  

The Appeals Committee will deal with any appeals that arise from any decisions of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee in respect of any infractions in the World Cup. 

Mussenden will also participate in the CFU Congress as Second Vice-President. He will attend the CONCACAF and FIFA Congresses as an observer. First vice-president Calvin Blankendal will lead the official Bermuda delegation comprising two other BFA executive members, Troy Brimmer and Troy Lewis, for the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Congress, the CONCACAF Congress and the FIFA Congress, when various issues affecting regional and world football will be addressed. 

All three Congresses will be held in Sao Paulo. The delegation will arrive in Sao Paulo, Brasil, on Sunday evening and will also attend the Opening Ceremonies and the Opening match between Brasil and Croatia on Thursday, June 12, 2014. 

All three members have represented the BFA overseas as Heads of Delegation and in other capacities also.