Christopher Famous
Christopher Famous

Good Friday is the annual remembrance of Christ’s crucifixion. For most Bermudians it is the anticipated start of spring with family and community get-togethers.

Royal Naval field, Death Valley, PHC, Paget Primary, Elliot School, Devil’s Hole and finally, the mother of all gatherings, in St David’s. 

Bermudians came out in their thousands. Vibrant spring-coloured clothing, and open-toed shoes were the order of the day for many young, and not so young, ladies.

Driving around the island one could inhale the seductive whiffs of barbeques, fish cakes, jerk chicken, hot cross buns, and all other forms of culinary seductions. 

Without a doubt many New Year’s resolutions and diets were broken yesterday. 

Repentance was sought via attending church for annual Easter Sunday services. Collection plates have a way of atoning for the sins of skunking all the marbles on Good Friday.

Seemingly, thousands of beautifully handcrafted traditional kites sapped each other on Thursday night and prayed for little to no winds on Friday. Seems they wished to exist for more than just 24 hours.

Whilst some may envision Good Friday as merely another day of friends, food and frolicking, let us remember what it is truly about. The self-sacrifice of one, to make amends for the selfishness of many. The Easter Bunny can’t do that.

Jesus is the reason for the season.


In an ironic sense of timing, the night before Good Friday, the end of this seasons hit television series Scandal occurred. Many thousands of Bermudian men and women consumed gallons of coffee in order to watch the nail-biting thriller that has become a global cult-like addiction.

Constant revelations of murder and personal and political betrayal, have become a feeding frenzy for the multitudes. 

One could easily assume that Good Friday served as a way to break the depression of those who have become addicted to this series.

For the next few months social media will be filled with guesses as to how far Eli will go and will Fitz and Ms Pope ever live happily ever after?

Here is a bonus: a few relationships may have some more romantic moments, as they are free of the mesmerizing grip of Scandal.

Well at least the TV scandals.

Hug a hero

Today I will speak of a self-made man, who started off washing pots. He worked himself up the ladder of hard knocks and street smarts to become an extremely successful businessman and owner of multiple properties.

I must add, a good husband, father and grandfather. Some call him Sundown, some call him KC, and I simply and respectfully call him Mr Daniels.

Mr. Daniels is the owner and operator of KC Daniels Limited located on Hermitage Road, Devonshire.

His business supplies water for water trucks, ice cubes, seafood, and a good telling off now and then. Years ago, when I too drove water trucks, he taught me a few tricks here and there.

A one-time candidate and life-long supporter of the UBP, now OBA, Mr Daniels has indeed been the odd man out in a staunch PLP neighbourhood.

Whilst his politics and mine do not match, he has never greeted me in a less than jovial manner. You are guaranteed a laugh when you are around him. I am sure he is preparing to get me back as he enjoys his leftover fishcakes and hot cross buns. Cheers to Sundown Daniels. 

God bless and congratulations to my Niece Sakari Famous on her second Carifta Silver Medal. n