TUESDAY, JAN. 11: Almost everyone in Bermuda has known someone affected by domestic abuse or been a victim themselves.

Laurie Shiell, executive director of the Centre Against Abuse, says relationship abuse affects people from all walks of life — and both sexes.

Ms Shiell told members of Hamilton Rotary Club today: “Statistics show that relationship abuse does not discriminate.

“It occurs at all ages, within all races, socio-economic, educational, occupational and religious groups.

“I’m sure that if I were to poll this audience, that approximately 99 per cent or you will know of someone that is or has been in an abusive relationship.

“I’m leaving the one per cent just in case there are a few in here that were raised in seclusion, have no friends or neighbours, work in isolation or are extremely blessed.”

Ms Shiell addressed Rotarians to highlight the work the charity is doing in the community.

But she said it is up to everyone in society to help the Centre Against Abuse in its mission to end relationship abuse in Bermuda.

This means more people speaking out and reporting acts of violence to police officers.

Ms Shiell explained: “There is a role for everyone to play in eliminating abuse, and the Centre Against Abuse is here to give you a part in this process.

“Help us, help you, end relationship abuse.”

For more information on the Centre Against Abuse go to: www.abusefree.org

For the full story, see tomorrow’s Bermuda Sun.