Welcome: The new properties at Victoria Place in Dockyard are now complete. *Photo by Glenn Tucker
Welcome: The new properties at Victoria Place in Dockyard are now complete. *Photo by Glenn Tucker

This is the first glimpse inside the new Victoria Place homes in Dockyard.

Construction on the 20 properties as well as all the landscaping has now been completed and new homeowners are expected to be given their keys within weeks.

Of the 20 families moving into the new homes, 16 are former residents of the old Victoria and Albert Row.

And there is already a waiting list of 15 should one of the new properties become available in the future. WEDCo General Manager, Andrew Dias, told the Bermuda Sun he was extremely pleased that the project was now nearly complete.

He said: “It’s been a long road for various reasons. 

“But it is great that we have now reached this stage. Now we have to file for occupancy certificates and assessment numbers for the new properties and we hope that families will be able to move in within weeks.”

Construction material for the Victoria Place development has been shipped in from the US.

The pre-engineered structures were built in Virginia and began arriving in Bermuda last

Eight unassembled units remain on the WEDCo docks.

A final decision over where these homes will be located has not been made yet.

Mr Dias added: “The new homes look great and we are looking forward to the new tenants moving in soon. Our objective at WEDCo is to be a good landlord and have good tenants and work to develop a good and open relationship with those tenants.”

The original plans for the Victoria and Albert Row project, unveiled by the former Government, had involved the demolition of the old Dockyard buildings. But in 2013, Public Works Minister Trevor Moniz announced that the proposals had been modified to save money.

Instead of levelling the old buildings, it was announced that the tenants of Victoria and Albert Row would be relocated into 20 new properties near to the front of Albert Row.

The future for the old Victoria and Albert Road structures remains uncertain.