Challenge: The hunt’s on for Bermuda’s best Swizzle makers. *Photo supplied
Challenge: The hunt’s on for Bermuda’s best Swizzle makers. *Photo supplied

Swizzle-making bragging rights are up for grabs this Cup Match with the launch of a new contest in the run-up to the holiday. 

CellOne is the company behind the first ever Summer Swizzler — Swizzle Mix Contest which aims to celebrate not only the drink but the culture surrounding Swizzle in Bermuda. 

The sweet, spicy, citrus flavours of the island’s favourite party drink go hand in hand with Cup Match, so organizers hope the competition will become an annual fixture on the holiday calendar.

The call for entries begins today and the deadline is on July 17. 

For the first competition there will be two rounds of judging — the first is by a panel of invited judges on Friday July 18. The judges will whittle it down to seven finalists and then the general public will be responsible for the final judging at CellOne’s hospitality tent on the grounds of Cup Match. The winner will then be announced on August 4.


Cell One employee and contest organizer Schereene Outerbridge told the Bermuda Sun: “CellOne is excited about adding another Bermudian tradition to its festivities over the Cup Match holiday. 

“Many people have had a chance to enjoy our hospitality booth on the grounds of both Somerset Cricket Club and St George’s over the past four years. This year, we’ll be taking it up a notch by awarding one lucky winner the title of The Ultimate Summer Swizzler.

“We’re a cell company and because we are Bermudian based and founded by Bermudians it was one of those things. Swizzle is part and parcel of Cup Match and there is a history of rum swizzle on the island. It is considered Bermuda’s national drink, it’s a point of pride and is something that people give out freely. 

“Every Cup Match I have been to I’ve met people saying ‘you’ve got to try my swizzle, don’t worry about theirs you’ve got to try ours’ — they want bragging rights. 

“Even my husband is started up with it! If it makes people feel good then why not?”

There will be prizes for the winners from CellOne and Gosling’s prizes. 

Outerbridge said that the competition will start off small scale to gauge interest and it is hoped the competition will grow next year to include weekly rounds of elimination and candidate profiles.