Changing lives: Filmmaker Lucinda Spurling has made a film on WindReach to celebrate its 10th anniversary. *Photos supplied
Changing lives: Filmmaker Lucinda Spurling has made a film on WindReach to celebrate its 10th anniversary. *Photos supplied
Local filmmaker Lucinda Spurling is helping WindReach bring in its 10th birthday by putting together a DVD of the facility's achievements.

The six-minute film is designed to promote a better understanding of the special needs community in Bermuda and follows the completion of Ms Spurling's mammoth project, The Lion and the Mouse - a docu-drama depicting U.S.-Bermuda relations since 1609.

Ms Spurling said: "I feel privileged to have met and worked with everyone at WindReach. It opened my eyes to what this amazing facility has to offer for everyone, and to see the kids in action is an inspiration. I encourage everyone who has never been to WindReach to watch the film, look at the website and visit the property. You will be impressed with what you find, and what you don't know about WindReach "

WindReach - The Movie features facility users, volunteers and parents who powerfully describe how WindReach has changed their lives and what the facility means to them.

Jessica Lewis, for example, is a dynamic adaptive sports athlete who competes in Wheelchair racing, Wheelchair basketball, swimming, Wheelchair tennis, and is also a top rider in the WindReach equestrian programme.

Jessica says that WindReach has taught her that "being handicapped is only a state of mind."

Matthew Greenslade started at WindReach as a volunteer after a serious bike accident and went on to become a participant in the Work Experience and Adaptive Sports Programmes. Through the Work Experience Programme Matthew was able to secure employment at a local business and he continues to be an active supporter of WindReach and its programmes.

Paul Ray is a long time volunteer at WindReach and is responsible for the horse stables in the petting zoo and at the Therapeutic Riding Centre.

WindReach receptionist Sia Castle calls it "a second home," while Patrick Thomas said Windreach helped him to "get back into the community."

"We (myself and colleague Andrew Kirkpatrick) wanted to make a video which showed how people have benefitted from the Windreach programmes and have them talk about their experiences," Ms Spurling said. "It was a great opportunity to educate people about the special needs community and how WindReach helps them integrate into society and become more independent.

"It's important for me in my work to be able to do something to give back to the community."

The short film is going to be played on ZBM and VSB in the coming months and is also be available at A.S. Coopers.

Funding for the production was provided by BELCO.

WindReach - The Movie is available for viewing at

Windreach, located on four acres in Warwick, is a Bermuda registered charity offering programmes and activities providing recreational, educational and therapeutic opportunities. The programmes help persons with disabilities to develop the skills they need to integrate into the broader community and lead a productive life.