Magic Moment

Tim Howard’s new status as USA’s sporting hero, including a call from President Barack Obama. The memes on what Howard could save are hilarious, as is the mischievous Wikipedia entry that named him as the country’s Secretary of Defense.

What the favela?!

Argentina fans are officially the most violent of this World Cup after smashing a reported 300 seats during their teams 1-0 win over Switzerland. We say: keep calm and cheer on Messi.

Beach bum

Ghanaian officials have said they will have all future players on contracts ahead of major tournaments to avoid the chaos in Brazil. A classic case of closing the door once the horse has bolted. 

They said what?

“I thought the guys did everything they could, they did everything that was asked of them, but I don’t think we were set up to succeed.” — the dropped Landon Donovan has a pop at Jurgen Klinsmann. Sour grapes?

average passes per team per game. The 2010 average was 353.

goals per game at this World Cup. The 2010 average was 2.3. 

12 goals for Holland — the highest of the finals.

attempts on goal from Belgium — the most attacking of any team.



France v Germany 1pm; Brazil v Colombia 5pm.


Argentina v Belgium 1pm; Holland v Costa Rica 5pm.