You can make dad feel like the king of the castle. *MCT illustration
You can make dad feel like the king of the castle. *MCT illustration

It is nearly Father’s Day and dads everywhere will soon be celebrating their special day. 

Hopefully, by now, those of you who are gifting for the occasion, have already purchased that special someone that special something. 

But, I suspect there are quite a few of you who are still trying to decide what to get and you will be scrambling over the next two days to find something.

Fear not, here is a little guidance for those of you who are still out there looking for the perfect gift for dad. 

First, think very carefully about what Dad would want and appreciate as a gift— do not be tempted to get him what you would like him to have. 

Let’s face it, men are notoriously more difficult to shop for than women — so it may be a struggle to come up with something he’ll like. 

Consider Dad’s personality and taste and what he would spend his money on. 

Make a list based on what will work for Dad and what you can afford.

Start with a very good card, one that reflects who he really is. 

Once you get that out of the way go shopping and visit only stores where he shops, that is, if he shops. 

If he’s not a shopper, consider his hobbies and get something to complement what he likes to do in his spare time. 

Tennis stuff, golf gadgets, power tools, a travel certificate, a case of steaks, couch potato accessories (a basket full of his favourite snacks works fine) — there is something out there for every dad, you just have to remember who you are buying for, and make it appropriate for him.

If you decide to get Dad a gift card, beware, giving a gift card is like giving cash, if it gets lost or does not get used, you are throwing away money.

When purchasing a gift card, remember to get it from a store Dad would spend his own money in and make sure you get the expiration date. 

This information may appear on the card itself, on the accompanying sleeve or envelope, or on the issuer’s website. If you don’t see it, ask for it and tell Dad when it expires.

Dads, if you receive a gift card or gift certificate for Father’s Day, use it as soon as possible, and don’t put it in a safe place and save it — more than likely by the time you find it again it is out of date and the gift giver is out of pocket.

There is no such thing as the perfect gift so regardless of what you get your dad this Fathers Day, he will be pleased that you thought of him. Happy Father’s day to all the fathers out there, and especially my dad Barclay and my husband Peter, have a wonderful day. 

Honey Adams Bell is the education officer for Consumer Affairs.