Last week’s photo...

Cindy Laws, Colbert Pearman, Rudolph Lawrence, Donald Dane, Sinclair Trott, Ken Richardson, Marilyn Rattery, Kenneth Hill, Miss Hunt and one unidentified caller were all ‘on song’, helping us to identify the five singers in last week’s archive photo.

The group were called ‘The Quintones’, and from left to right they were Reuben McCoy, Ronald ‘Silky’ Laws, James ‘Big Ju’ Ford, Dennis Laws (Reuben’s older brother), and Bill Caisey. The general consensus is that they are performing at the Clay House in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

We have kept the musical theme for this week’s photo, which is a collection of proofs from Bermuda photographer Al Wilson. It features a long-gone musicians’ hot spot and a very special island visitor. 

Contact me at or 278-1880 if you can tell me about the history in these images. 

Satch of the day: Can you identify this old hang-out for local performers and the people enjoying an evening with a legendary visitor? Contact or 278-1880. 

*Photo courtesy of Al Wilson