Keep smiling: Try to treat every knock as a boost. *MCT Illustration
Keep smiling: Try to treat every knock as a boost. *MCT Illustration

I’m trying to get onto the main road from my concealed entrance and I am being cursed or ignored. 

I blow my horn because the entrance is concealed in the hope that if a vehicle is approaching they would at least honk back at me. So when I hear no toot I ease out, only to discover to my horror there is a vehicle fast approaching. 

So I get cursed at. The vehicle swerves onto the other side of the road, because they just can’t or won’t stop to allow me to ease out — that would be far too courteous, albeit, there is a huge sign posted outside my entrance reading “Caution –– Concealed Entrance”.  

People seem to be more nasty and hasty than ever before. I wonder what it is? What is happening to the happy Bermuda resident.

I know times are hard at present and the future looks kind of bleak too, but we cannot become bitter and frustrated with each other — surely this only adds fuel to the fire.  

Rather then dig bigger holes for ourselves, we should propel our situation into something positive. It may sound crazy, but it can work. 

Ralph Marston says: “Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.”

This is good advice and should be followed. Try it and you will see for yourself. In other words “every knock can be a boost”. 

I know it’s difficult not to get angry and frustrated when faced with challenges of job loss, financial instability, and all the rest that we all go through, but trying to be positive helps so very much; plus a positive attitude always brings positive results. 

Positivity is contagious — so is negativity. Choose to spend more time with people who think positively, speak positively, and support you. 

Spend less time with people who talk about how hard and unfair life is. Spend less time with people who tell you that your goals are unrealistic and that you are certain to fail. Stay away from ‘nay-sayers’.

Things can and do change. One of my favourite sayings is “and this too shall pass”. 

When we are stuck in a bad situation, we think that there is no way out. We think nothing will ever change. 

But guess what? It will. Nothing is permanent except death. So get out of the habit of thinking that things will always be this way. They won’t. 

Allah says in the Holy Quran: “Most certainly, with difficulty comes ease. 

But Allah also consoles us by assuring us : “That indeed the help of Allah is near” (Quran, 2:214).

Doom and gloom

So do not be fooled that doom and gloom will prevail for Allah’s promise is true. If times are difficult now, then don’t worry, because good times are coming. 

What is the proof of that? Allah reminds us in the Quran by asking: “Didn’t I expand your chest for you? And remove the burden off your back? And then raise high your name and reputation?” 

Here Allah is asking us to have faith in Him and believe His words to be true. However, we too must be proactive and take some initiative for things to change. 

Allah advises us to get active in our communities — to help those in need, feed the poor, be an asset to someone; surely this will help us out of our own difficulties. 

So next time you see someone simply trying to ease onto the main road,  give a hand by stopping and letting them out — it only takes a minute to be courteous and guess what: it will come back to you when you most need it. 

Let’s take care of one another; let’s extend charity, even if it’s in the form of a smile.