A sick sailor from a passing tanker was rushed into Bermuda at the weekend for treatment.

The Kim Jacob briefly stopped at Five Fathom Hole at around 10:30pm on Sunday to drop off the crewman.

The sailor was able to get off the ship under his own steam and board the pilot boat, which then took him back into St George’s.

He was then taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and treated overnight, before being discharged the next day.

Meanwhile, today marks the Aidaluna’s first visit of the year to Bermuda.

The cruise liner will arrive in Dockyard at around 9am from the Bahamas, before leaving for New York later in the day.

It’s the first of three visits for the German-based ship, which will be back in the West End again at the same time next week.

She will join the Breakaway that also arrives in Dockyard this morning.

The Grandeur of the Seas is the only other cruise ship heading into Bermuda; she is due in to Dockyard on Sunday morning.

Finally all three container ships are in this week. The Somers Isles is back in Hamilton again today, while the Bermuda Islander should head into the capital tomorrow.

And last but by no means least the Oleander gets into Hamilton on Sunday afternoon.