Demarco says he'll be performing the hits from his catalogue plus some new fire that’s currently raging on the Jamaican airwaves. *Photo supplied
Demarco says he'll be performing the hits from his catalogue plus some new fire that’s currently raging on the Jamaican airwaves. *Photo supplied

Demarco, born Colin Denmar Edwards, was born in Jamaica in 1983 and as a teenager he decided to enter the world of music. Moving to America he learned the basics of mixing music. Struggling financially he worked various jobs to fund his passion.

Now aged 25, he is riding the wave of success in the reggae world both as a producer and an artist in his own right. He has worked with top names from Collie Buddz to Bounty Killer. He spoke to us ahead of his August 2 Soca v Reggae performance. 

You started in music young — how did you get into it and what has driven you to get where you are now?

I started out as an assistant an assistant to club DJs, then graduated to DJ and then artist. My love for music has gotten me this far. 

You had to work your way to where you are — did you ever dream that you would become as successful as you are?

I’ve always dreamed of being successful and still dream of becoming even more successful.

You have experience in singing/producing/mixing and engineering. Which do you enjoy the most and why?

I enjoy singing for the most part because I love performing for my fans and I enjoy the privilege of travelling all over the world.

You have worked with some top artists in your time from Sean Paul to Bounty Killer and Missy Elliott. Who have you enjoyed working with on a professional level the most and why?

All these artists are professionals in their own right but I enjoyed working alongside Bounty Killer the most. This is partly due to the fact that I emulated him so much when I was a young aspiring artist. 

What was it like working with Bermuda’s own Collie Buddz?

Collie Buddz is a great artist, he has crazy melodies and his flow is seamless. If every artist was like Collie Buddz, my work as a producer would be easy.

What do you think of his music?

Simply put, I’ve never heard a Collie Buddz record that I didn’t like.

Will you get a chance to see his concert in Bermuda on July 31?

I really hope that I will, my flight arrives in the evening on that date.

Can you give us a little hint as to what you might perform during your Soca Vs Reggae concert in Bermuda on August 2?

I’ll be performing the hits from my catalogue plus some new fire that’s currently raging  on the Jamaican airwaves. 

Do you think you are in with a chance of winning the clash against Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons?

I think that you should ask Bunji and Fay Ann if they are in with a chance! The champ is here!



Quick fire: 

• What is your favourite current reggae tune?

They Don’t Know by Chronixx.

• What was the first record you ever bought?

Showtime Album produced by Dave Kelly. 

• What is your favourite tune from your own material? 

I Love My Life.

• What is your favourite dance club right now? 

Privilege Nightclub in Kingston, Jamaica. 

• Which up and coming artists do you admire?