The Mare Trader *Photo by Ria Maat
The Mare Trader *Photo by Ria Maat

At approximately 10am. Monday 18th February, Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a satellite telephone call from the merchant vessel ‘Mare Trader’, a 33,000 GRT Bulk Carrier registered in the Marshall Islands.

The captain advised that an Engine Room Fitter, a  51 year old Philippine national, had sustained a serious injury to his right hand and was in need of urgent medical assistance.

The vessel then positioned 200 nautical miles south of Bermuda and originally bound for Turkey having departed Houston, Texas, altered course and proceeded to the Sea Buoy off the East end of Bermuda to disembark the injured crewmember. At 10am this morning the injured crew member was successfully transferred to the pilot boat St. David and taken ashore to Ordnance Island for transfer by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

While dealing with this morning’s medical transfer off the East end, the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received another satellite telephone call from the captain on board merchant vessel ‘Bow Riyad’, a 23,000 GRT Chemical Tanker registered in Norway, located approximately 210 nautical miles South East of Bermuda. The captain reported that the vessel had been struck by a large wave resulting in the serious injury to a crew member who was out on deck at the time.

Following medical advice to the crew on board & due to the serious nature of the back injuries sustained by the crewmember, the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre & U.S. Coastguard continue to monitor the status of the patient, while also planning for the possible evacuation via helicopter to Bermuda.

Meanwhile, the vessel continues under full speed towards Bermuda and is due to disembark the injured crew member at 7am. tomorrow morning.