* File photo. Opposition: Developers plan to turn the old Clayhouse Inn building into new homes and amenities, against some residents’ wishes.
* File photo. Opposition: Developers plan to turn the old Clayhouse Inn building into new homes and amenities, against some residents’ wishes.
Residents opposed to renovation plans of the Clayhouse Inn have vowed to fight the development.

They say proposals, which will see 12 new homes, a 100-seat restaurant and other amenities build on the old site on North Shore Road, will spoil the area.

And some have branded the development as "plain crazy" and a "monstrosity".

More than a dozen residents objected to the plans when they went before the Development Applications Board last September. And board members refused the application planning permission.

But developers appealed to decision to Minister Glenn Blakeney who gave the project the go ahead last month.

Kirk Bridgewater of Foothills Road, Devonshire said: "We have objected to this development from the very beginning. It is the massing and sheer size of it that we object to.

"It will not be in keeping with the rest of the houses in the area.

Extra traffic

"I am also concerned about the extra noise and commotion that this development will bring to the area.

"The extra traffic will add to the congestion and confusion there is on the road.

"It seems that although there were a lot of residents that objected to this and the planning department rejected the application we have just been ignored.

"We have fought it all the way and will continue to do so."

Developers, Clayhouse Renaissance, plan to demolish the existing buildings and replace them with residential units, an underground car park for 57 cars and 54 bikes and a swimming pool.

They also intend to build a big restaurant and a two-storey retail unit, which could be used for shops or offices.

The use, density, access parking and landscaping of the site has already been approved.

But Clayhouse Renaissance will have to get further approval on building lines, height, design, external appearance and massing before building work can begin.

These are the only issues that residents can make further objections to.

Too large

Keith P. Swan, of Foothills Road added: "We are all really upset and frustrated on the hill.

"It is just plain crazy - nothing about the plans is logical.

"It is too large and will be a humungous obstacle to our views.

"We do not feel that anyone has listened to our concerns - they have just gone ahead regardless of what we said.

"It is not that we don't want the Clayhouse Inn redeveloped - it is an eye sore - but if it's done this way it will spoil it for all of us.

"We are going to do everything we can to oppose this development."

Eloise Bell said her main concern was the height of the new building.

"It is just going to be a monstrosity," she said. "If it was lower then I would not have such a problem with it.

"We don't need all the extra traffic either and I am concerned as to whether there will be enough car parking space."

Dorothy Layne of Foothills Road told The Sun the new structure would "spoil the area".

She said: "We have more than enough traffic going around here as it is. This will block up the roads and the structure will block our views."