Guilty: Melvin Martin
Guilty: Melvin Martin
A pervert who made child porn films involving girls as young as 11 using a home video camera has ­refused to help police ­identify a string of other victims.

Melvin Martin, 24, was jailed for eight-and-a-half years yesterday after ­admitting sexually exploiting young girls and making and accessing child porn.

He told the Supreme Court he was "truly sorry" for what he had done.

"I've disgraced myself and brought shame on my family," he said before ­being sentenced. But prosecutors revealed ­Martin, a well-known local drummer, had refused to help identify girls in a ­series of other videos and photographs retrieved from his laptop and external hard drive.

Several girls, some ­believed to be as young as 11, remain unidentified and further prosecutions are possible.

Police are continuing their investigation in a bid to find the additional ­victims and get them ­counselling.

The Department of ­Public Prosecutions is preparing to launch an ­appeal against Martin's sentence today, arguing it is too lenient.

Prosecutor Cindy Clarke said local recent precedent indicates a jail term of 12-17 years is appropriate.

Martin's series of sickening home movies were uncovered from his ­computer in June following a raid on his home in Sandys by cops investigating the theft of an iPod.

Some of the most graphic recordings, filmed in a secluded wooded area in Somerset, show Martin ejaculating in the face of a 12-year-old victim, the court heard yesterday.

In another movie he is filmed sucking the breasts of an 11-year-old girl in her brother's bedroom.

A further video shows Martin having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

The recordings - all filmed in the last two years - were filed on Martin's laptop in folders titled "fun-time" or "bang" alongside the girls' names. One was simply called "new chick".

In each case Martin was the cameraman as well as a participant. No other adults are suspected of being involved and there is no ­evidence he shared the movies and pictures with others.

Some of the victims were known to him, others he befriended through Facebook and other social networking sites.


Two other files, one titled "pics/young", show sexually explicit pictures of two different girls, aged 11 and 12, which the court heard had been e-mailed to Martin and he had stored on his computer.

Martin admitted the charges, which relate to five victims who are now receiving counselling from local psychologists.

The DPP could not bring charges in ­relation to the other girls without being able to ­identify them and confirm their ages. Cindy Clarke, prosecuting ­yesterday, said Martin had been labelled a high-risk reoffender in a Social Inquiry Report.

She added: "He went as far as to portray himself not as a person seeking sexual contact with ­children, but as an altruistic ­figure seeking to offer help and guidance to young people in need."

She also said he had provided "no assistance" in helping to identify the remaining children on the hard drive.

Mark Pettingill, defending ­Martin, said his client was of ­previous good character and was seeking professional help.

He said Martin had been abused as a child and stressed that his victims had shown a "high degree of precociousness".

He added: "We are not talking about somebody who was hanging around a nursery school."

Mr. Pettingill said Martin had a supportive family and was upset at the hardship he had put them through.

Martin, whose parents and ­pastor were in the public gallery yesterday, told the court: "I have not held to my character and that has no doubt brought me to rock bottom.


"I intend to correct my ­mistakes and stem any chance of recidivism. I apologise to anyone whom my offences have affected."

Passing sentence, judge Charles Etta Simmons alluded to the fact that some of Martin's victims had been willing participants.

She said: "Society deems it ­necessary to protect young girls, not only from men who seek to take advantage of them, but from themselves where they are too young to know what is best.

"The community needs ­protection ­until you are able to control your impulses."

Martin was sentenced to seven years in prison for three counts of sexual exploitation, which ­includes two years to run ­concurrently for unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor and one year to run concurrently for the three counts of accessing child pornography.

He also received 18 months to run consecutively for four counts of making child pornography

This amounts to eight-and-a-half years behind bars.

He was also ordered to continue with counselling and to serve two years probation on his eventual release.
To his friends, Melvin Martin was a cool guy - a talented drummer, a black belt in martial arts, an active member of his church and a friendly, good looking young man with everything going for him.

But behind the façade he led a sinister double life, collecting and making child pornography.

His crimes were exposed when police seized his computer and discovered a cache of films and photographs involving Bermudian children as young as 11.

Martin's graphic sex movies were filmed in a ­variety of locations, including his victim's homes and ­scenic spots.

The five victims police have been able to identify are receiving counselling.

Martin, jailed yesterday for eight-and-a-half years, did not fit the stereotype of a child molester.


Friends describe him as a good looking man who ­was popular with the ladies and was dating an older woman.

"I guess he was a wolf in sheep's clothing," said one close friend, who did not want to be named.

"He was cool. I would never in a million years have thought anything like this was going on.

"When we saw him on the news, I felt like, 'I really don't know that person.'

"We were all angry and really upset. It sounds like a strange thing to say but if it had have been drug ­dealing or something like that, I guess I could have understood. People choose to take drugs.

"But this? It's weird, I don't consider him a friend now. What about the ­victims he has left behind? Will they ever get over it?"

Martin, who lived with his parents, told investigators of an internal battle between his sexual impulses and his rational mind.

He was described as­ ­funny and charismatic - charms he used to seduce and abuse naive children. Some were recruited through Facebook and ­other social networking sites. Others were friends of friends.

Sheelagh Cooper, of the Coalition For The Protection Of Children, said ­Martin proves there is no such thing as a stereo­typical sex-offender.

She added: "These people cross all boundaries, whether they be racial or socio-economic.

"They can be good looking, personable and well ­educated. Parents need to be vigilant in their monitoring of their children's contacts and familiar with whom they are phoning, texting or e-mailing."

Martin's former friend echoed those concerns.

They said: "Kids are a lot more aware than we think about sex but nobody talks to them about it. They don't get sex education in school."

The police said the investigation was continuing.

Anyone who knows of an abuse victim should call 295-0011.