This weekend 29 members of the Bermuda Pacers Track will compete in the third annual Northeast Invitational Track meet at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

This yearâs team will be led by Matthew Spring and Jessica Richardson.

Both athletes have just returned from a very successful trip at the Russell E Blunt East Coast Invitational.

Matthew and Jessica will be competing in the 13 ö 14 boys and girlsâ age group.

Both were succesful in various local track meets this year and will be looking to parlay that into international podium placings.

During the teams visit there last year, they had two athletes Blaine Simmons and Justin Donawa captured the Outstanding Athlete Award in their respective group.

This yearâs team will also have long distance sensation Trey Simons compete in the 11 ö 12 boys 400, 800 and 1500 metres. Trey who competed in the Russell E Blunt Eastcoast last weekend was voted the outstanding athlete in his age group.

In addition to the athletes just listed, the club will have nine athletes, competing abroad for the first time.

Aaliah Nolan and Jonas Schroder will compete in the eight and under boys and girls age, Kayla Hollis, Sara Schroder Dominica Brown, Anwar Butler/ Lekkie will compete in the nine and ten girls and boys, Aljalio Julio and Robert Rawlins will compete in the 11 ÷ 12 girls and boysâ age group and Alzado Mink-Cole compete in the 13 -14 boys age group.

In addition to the athletes going the team will be accompanied by coaches Cal Simons, Gina Cann and many parents

The team will take part in 85 individual events and three 4 x100 metre relays and two 4x 400 metre relay.

Squad: Trey Simons, Kerri Fubert, Robert Rawlins, Dorin Armstrong, Jahrico Tucker, Jessica Richardson, DiâMitri Williams, Jonas Schroder, Sara Schroder, Matthew Spring, Michael Hudson, Nakeno Creighton, Rachel Fox, Brighton Swan, Allison Outerbridge, Justin Donawa, Blaine Simmons, Jelani Simmons, Alzado Mink-Cole, Anwar Butler-Lekkie, Dominica Brown, Kyle Webb, Alyialia Julio, Aaliah Nolan, Jaylynn Hines, Kayla Hollis, Caldra Burgess, Dage Minors and Nandi Woods.

The team leaves today and they compete on Sunday August 7, 2005. They will return home on Monday August 8, 2005.

Cal Simons is the head coach for Pacers Track Club