Captain Holden: Despite getting a little wet, Holden still enjoyed celebrating his first Mother’s Day with a boat ride. *Photo by Robyn Bardgett
Captain Holden: Despite getting a little wet, Holden still enjoyed celebrating his first Mother’s Day with a boat ride. *Photo by Robyn Bardgett

Celebrating a first Mother’s Day is a momentous occasion, especially when you have almost a full year under your belt of raising a child.

So, like any good dad, making sure the first Mother’s Day is a memorable occasion is always a kind gesture.

My first Mother’s Day started out like many days as a mother to an 11-month old. I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep but I was excited about spending time with my family.

We had arranged for brunch at Tom Moore’s Tavern — a fitting location for such a significant day and we had invited both grandmothers to join us. Of course, they deserved to be celebrated as well.

Make it memorable

Being set on making the day even more noteworthy, we decided we would take a boat cruise down North Shore to really get the most out of the day.

However, when the morning of Mother’s Day arrived, while it was sunny the winds seemed to have picked up.

I was hesitant on heading east by boat — Dad thought it was still a lovely enough day to warrant a boat ride. Where was my adventurous side, anyway? We piled into the boat and started our journey. However, as we made our way down North Shore, it became apparent very quickly that this was going to be a bit of a wet ride.

A bit of sea spray wasn’t going to put a damper on our day, so we hung tight and I reminded myself that the tousled beach look was in that year.

As we headed into St George’s Harbour, we were running a little late and were only a bit damp but our spirits were high and little Holden was enjoying bouncing along on a boat ride.

It wasn’t until we rounded St David’s Head that things got a little messy.

The grandmothers, being practical women that they are, bundled Holden and me up in as many towels, jackets and blankets that they could muster up on a 27-foot boat.

Dad, being a fisherman at heart and a skilled mariner behind the wheel, did his best to steer us through the swells to get us into the safety of Castle Harbour.

But for all his attempts to keep the sea spray at a minimum, we uncovered ourselves to find that we had soaked through to the bone.

Being at the top of my mothering game, I had packed a spare set of clothes for Holden. The rest of us weren’t so lucky.

We stepped off the boat and headed into the restaurant sporting the drowned rat look, which surprisingly didn’t take off as a fashionable look at future brunches.

Luckily, the staff at Tom Moore’s was incredibly gracious and not one person batted a lash at our less than conventional brunch attire.

We had an enjoyable meal and couldn’t stop laughing at our seafaring adventure that would go down as one of the more memorable first Mother’s Day celebrations.