NEAT: From children’s to adults’ rooms, Closet Creations can come up with a designer solution for you.
NEAT: From children’s to adults’ rooms, Closet Creations can come up with a designer solution for you.


Closet Creations is dedicated to helping you to save space and organize your belongings.

Founded in Florida, US, in 1980, the company then expanded to Bermuda in 1995.

Closet Creations has more than 30 years’ experience in closet design and has completed projects for some of the largest construction companies in Florida.

Its designers have created custom closets in homes from Miami Beach to Boca Raton, to West Palm Beach and beyond.

Celebrity clients

Among our clients are famous actors, musicians, television personalities and other celebrities.

In Bermuda, the company has designed and installed closets in Mount Wyndham, Tucker’s Town, Belmont Hills, The Hamptons, and homes elsewhere in every parish.

No closet is too large or small for us. We get most of our clients from referrals and repeat customers.

This shows the level of satisfaction that customers have with our work.

We know that apart from the kitchen, the most important space in the house for a woman is her closet. And only an experienced designer can achieve the best results.

Closet Creations uses the best materials, such as Melamine supports and shelving, brushed chrome and nickel hardware, drawer boxes and hanging rods.

Melamine is a hardy manufactured hi-tech wood material, treated to withstand the highest humidity and to resist termite infestation.

We also have a wire ventilated shelving system. We are dealers for Rubbermaid closet fixtures and so offer this type of system as an alternative.

We are aware that each client’s needs are different. With this in mind, we will visit your home, measure the space available and consult with you on what items of clothing, shoes, handbags, etc. you want to store.

We will then sketch a design of the most suitable layout we believe will match your purposes and give you a quote.

We are are the only fully dedicated closet company in Bermuda.

We do one thing and we do it right.

Designing the layout of the closet is very critical to its effectiveness, so call in the experts.

We also offer four colour finishes to please every taste.

Belt racks, tie racks and valet rods are also available to complement your closet.

Our workmanship is fast and neat.


For more information see or call 234-5553 for an appointment.