Water stains and blisters on your walls or ceiling or the presence of mould can be part of a bigger issue. 

Check for cracks in your roof, walls, or the caulking around windows. Otherwise, problem spots will keep recurring until the problem is solved. 

Once cracks are repaired, you can address any wall damage. Scrape any loose or damaged paint and prime with a penetrating sealer to prevent chalkiness. 


For textured stone walls and ceilings follow up with a product with grit like Muralo’s Montana, a waterproofing putty designed for wall and roof cracks. For smooth walls, use spackle for a less noticeable patch. 

These days, most household putties and paints are water based but remember that high humidity may extend drying time to six to eight hours.  

Before painting over stains, coat with a stain killing primer to keep the stain from bleeding through your wall colour. 


After it has dried, you can start applying your paint.   

For ceilings, choose a flat non-reflective finish to hide minor surface imperfections and minimize glare. 

Feeling bold? Skip the traditional white ceiling and choose a shade complementary to your wall colour. 

For walls, a matte or eggshell finish is not only washable but beautiful and durable. Save semigloss and gloss paints for woodwork and furniture.

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