Red by Kathy Harriott. *Photo supplied by the Bermuda National Gallery
Red by Kathy Harriott. *Photo supplied by the Bermuda National Gallery

Women, art and music combine for a culturally rich evening of entertainment at the Bermuda National Gallery tonight.

The third annual Art in Music is an opportunity to appreciate original compositions created by local musicians who have interpreted artwork in the current exhibition Women Artists in the BNG Collection. Coincidentally, a number of musical groups or individuals chose Kathy Harriott’s Red (pictured) to interpret through music.

Among the musicians performing on the evening are — Kate Ross (violin), Suzanne Dunkley (piano), and Alison Johnson (cello) who will perform a piece composed by Ross, Princess Black who has composed a piece which she will sing accompanied by keyboard, and  Zoe Smith who has composed a piece for a string quartet. 

Additionally, Leah Amaral has composed a piece featuring vocals and ukulele, Imari ‘Golden’ Wade has composed and will rap a song; LaTannia Ellerbe has composed and will perform a jazz ballad for violin with Raymond George, piano recording, and Tiara DeRosa will perform All of Me on sax. As for which artists they have interpreted... you will have to go along to find out.

BNG director Lisa Howie told the Bermuda Sun: “There is a women’s theme going on here, yes — women visual artists and (for the most part) women musicians in a virtual dialogue for us, as audience, to listen in. The event is always a surprise, both to know which musical artist selected which visual artwork, and of how their original music expresses their interpretation. The audience is encouraged to get here prior to the music starting in order to take in the exhibition and perhaps gather their own ideas and perceptions about the artwork.

“If art and music is of interest to you then you will enjoy this event.”

 The event is at the Bermuda National Gallery, City Hall, tonight from 5:30pm to 7pm. Tickets are $50 or $65 for non-members. Call 295-9428.