“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” 

~ Nelson Mandela

How humble and wise was Nelson Mandela! 

The above words are very profound especially coming from a leader. 

The Honourable Nelson Mandela was indeed a leader and the epitome of wisdom and humbleness. 

He did nothing for his own blaze and glory, but rather for the honour and freedom of his people. He lived his words: “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

This man suffered and sacrificed his life for social justice and freedom of the oppressed in South Africa. 

Apartheid was the most brutal form of oppression that ever existed, yet this man was brave enough to stand up against a diabolical and powerful system. 

They were unable to break the man and his mission –– Nelson Mandela must be honoured for the sacrifices he made. 


Indeed, he was on a divine mission headed by God and he heeded to God’s command to uphold the freedoms of liberty for his fellowmen. May God be pleased with Nelson Mandela and grant him the Paradise.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was a leader of the greatest magnitude. He was fearless and fought vehemently against the oppression of his people. 

Leaders lead from the front and lead by example and indeed this was one of the greatest characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). 

The Prophet was a very special man, one who was a business leader, a political authority, a community activist, a social entrepreneur, a divine source, a good husband, exemplary father and grandfather –– what a powerful man. 

Yet he was humble, caring, pious and ever grateful to Allah. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the best possible role model for past times and for today. 

It is not remiss to say, that Prophet Muhammad was near perfect. The Noble Quran says: “You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who engages much in the praise of Allah.” 33:21.

We need leaders of today to be of perfect conduct for us to follow. We need leaders that are fearless yet compassionate such as Prophet Muhammad. 

As Bermuda goes forth with many political changes, may Allah bestow upon our leaders the characteristics of good, equality and justice that will transmit to the people they lead. 


Certainly the leaders of the world and Bermuda need to do a study on the ways of Prophet Muhammad. The world is definitely suffering from lack of leadership and is in dire need of inspiration from exceptional people whose teachings transcend all greed and exploitation. 

The world needs to hear from leaders that speak to the heart and show sensitivity and empathy for all people no matter their creed, race or religion. 

George Bernard Shaw, the Noble Prize winner said about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in his book The Genuine Islam, Vol 1 No 8, 1936 “I have studied him –– this wonderful man and in my opinion far from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Saviour of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it much needed peace and happiness ….”

Let us pray for our leaders to truly follow the lead of Nelson Mandela and of course Prophet Muhammad as we embrace the season of “Peace”. Ameen.