*Photos by Glenn Tucker

More than 700 spectators took in a cricket match that pitted celebrities against Bermudian under-11 all stars on Saturday.

The free event was sponsored by Hiscox Re, a Bermudian reinsurance company which has supported youth cricket leagues on the island for nine years.

“This is about bringing the community together and youth development,”  said event planner Selange Gitschner. “I find it healthy for kids to go out there and perform in front of this many people.”

There were 38 celebrities, including the premier, deputy governor, retired wrestling star, local media personalities, squaring off against 32 children at the National Sports Centre’s North Field.

Cricket, Ms Gitschner said, “is a big part of our culture.”

Don Burgess, the Sun's deputy editor, said his bowling experience consisted of one training session last Monday.

"If there are wide balls, they get to hit the ball off a cone. There's going to be a lot of that when I get up there," he said.

Hiscox Celebrity 11&U Festival Game Results courtesy of cricket.bm


11&Unders -105 Celebs-95


Individual Awards

Celeb Player of the Match - Chris Dart (hit the only 6 for the Celeb team)

U11 Player of the Match - Leilanni Nesbeth (19 runs, two 4’s and one 6)

Celeb Play of the Game - Minister Patricia Gordan Pamplin (catch)

U11 Play of the Game - Kace Wales (2 wickets in 2 balls)


U11 Skills and Drills Tournament Results


Most Skilful Player-Logan Jones (Flatts)



Best Overall Fielder - Logan Jones (Flatts)

2nd Overall Fielder - Leilanni Nesbeth (St. David’s)

3rd Overall Fielder - Rudi Hamond (Flatts)



Best Overall Batter - Leilanni Nesbeth (St. David’s)

2nd - Tai Cariah (SCC)

3rd - Zair Millet (Bailey’s Bay)



Best Overall Bower - Keith Whorms (CCCC)

2nd - Casey Wales (SCC)

3rd - Deniche Hill (Bay)


Team Awards

Hiscox 11&U Best Fielding Team 2014 Champions - Flatts

HIscox 11&U Best Fielding Team 2014 Runners up - St. David’s CC

Hiscox 11&U Best Fielding Team 2014 3rd Place - CCCC


Hiscox 11&U Best Batting Team 2014 Champions - Flatts

Hiscox 11&U Best Batting Team 2014 Runners up - PHC Whites

Hiscox 11&U Best Batting Team 2014 3rd - St. David’s CCC


Hiscox 11&U Best Bowling Team 2014 Champions - CCCC

Hiscox 11&U Best Bowling Team 2014 Runners up - Bailey’s Bay

Hiscox 11&U Best Bowling Team 2014 3rd - Western Stars


Special Team Awards 


Hiscox 11&U Most Skillful Team 2014 - Flatts

Hiscox 11&U Most Disciplined Team 2014 - PHC Whites


All Star Bermuda 11&U Team 2014

1. Logan Jones

2. Leilanni Nesbeth

3. Kevin Dill

4. Keith Whorms

5. Zaire Millett

6. Tai Carial

7. Zako Hart

8. Rudi Hammond

9 Jamari Manders

10. Lewi Hammond 

11. Deniche Hill

12. Dominic Sabir