Kenneth Burgess
Kenneth Burgess
A jury was selected and sworn yesterday in the Supreme Court trial of two Westgate inmates accused of attacking another prisoner in the facility last year.

But Judge Charles-etta Simmons released the eight women and four men until Monday morning while she and lawyers in the case take care of what she termed "house cleaning matters."

Kenneth Jermaine Burgess, 36, of Cottage Hill Lane, Hamilton Parish and Kamel Jamal Wendell Trott, 31, of Kitty's Lane, Hamilton Parish pleaded not guilty when re-arraigned yesterday.

They are charged with one count of unlawfully wounding Dennis Alma Robinson on June 6 with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.

For the prosecution, Crown Counsel Maria Sofianos read aloud a list of 19 witnesses to be called in a trial expected to last for at least two weeks.

Those witnesses include five doctors, five prison officers, three police officers, three forensic specialists, a forensic expert, a prison nurse and the government analyst.

During the jury selection process, in which potential jurors are asked if they have any connections to witnesses or the defendants that would hinder their objectivity, the judge asked if any of them has such a tie to Jahmal or Jahmil Cooper. None said they did.

DPP Rory Fields and Senior Crown Counsel Carrington Mahoney lead the prosecution while attorneys Elizabeth Christopher and Richard Horseman appear for Mr. Burgess and Mr. Trott respectively.