Firearms accused: Khyri Smith-Williams, left, and Dwayne Signor. *File photo by Kageaki Smith
Firearms accused: Khyri Smith-Williams, left, and Dwayne Signor. *File photo by Kageaki Smith

A teenager told a court how he was shot in the side during a bloody bar brawl in St. George’s.

Shawn Williams, 18, said he was hit on the head during a party at the Royal Artillery Association in the early hours of Easter Monday.

He said he turned around to see who had attacked him when he was shot. The bullet grazed his kidney and punctured his colon.


Mr. Williams admitted he was drunk at the time and claimed he was unable to identify the gunman or his assailant. “Everything else is a blur,” he told a Supreme Court jury yesterday.

The victim said he had been drinking Hennessy and Heineken and dancing at the party all night.

He said it had been a “cool vibe” with no trouble until late in the night, when he had seen a group of men surrounding his friend Khyri Smith-Williams, 19.

They were “somewhat aggressive”, he said, and grabbed at the pockets of his friend’s jeans as he tried to move away.

He told the court he had chased after one of the men, who he believed had taken something from his friend. He claimed he asked him: “What’s going on, did you take anything?” But he found nothing.

When he turned to walk away, Mr. Williams says he was struck on the head and then shot.

The prosecution alleges that Mr. Smith Williams took the gun to the club. They say Dwayne Signor, 29, seized the weapon during a scuffle and used it to shoot Mr. Williams.

The victim said he had not seen a firearm until he was shot.

He said he and Mr. Smith-Williams had arrived at the club together after attending his younger brother’s birthday party at Fairmont Southampton Resort.

He said they drove to the club on Mr. Smith-Williams’ motorcycle. At the entrance they went through a security checkpoint, where they were both patted down and “wanded” with a metal detector.

Neither man left the club at any point during the evening, he said.

Under cross-examination from QC Jerome Lynch, representing Mr. Smith-Williams, he said his friend was wearing tight jeans.

Asked if you could fit a firearm in the pocket of those jeans he replied: “I highly doubt that.”

Mr. Williams said he and Mr. Smith-Williams spent most of the night on the dancefloor in the main hall, occasionally going to the bar.

He added: “I remember being in the bar ordering some drinks and hearing a commotion.

“I saw a bunch of guys all over Khyri. They were real close to him. I’m not sure what they were doing.

“They were a little aggressive. I was drunk at the time. I saw a bunch of people were grabbing at him. It looked like they were grabbing at his pockets. I thought I saw somebody take something and run.”

He said Mr. Smith-Williams was still surrounded at that point but looked “alright”.

He added: “There was no screaming, no expressions on his face, I took it as he was good.”


The prosecution alleges Mr. Smith-Williams was headbutted, stabbed and beaten after he lifted his shirt to flash a gun stashed in his waistband during the dispute.

They claim Mr. Signor snatched the gun and used it to shoot Mr. Williams, who they say was fighting with another man, Jason Bennett.

Mr. Williams could not identify the men involved in the incident and gave no evidence of a fight.

Mr. Signor is accused of attempting to murder Mr. Williams, shooting at him with a loaded firearm with intent to do grievous bodily harm and possessing a firearm and a 9mm bullet.

Mr. Smith-Williams is accused of carrying a firearm and going armed in public so as to cause terror. They deny the charges and the case continues.