THURSDAY, MAY 19: An 18-year-old man was jailed for 30 days today for buying a stolen bike.

Kashi Jones of Smith’s pleaded guilty to one count of receiving stolen goods, a motorcycle belonging to Alexander White, between February 20 and March 17 this year.

The court heard Mr White parked the bike outside his home on February 20. When he left for work the next morning, it wasn’t there.

Mr White also noticed his keys were missing.

He filed a police report.

During the investigation officers discovered Jones, a landscaper, had worked on the property on February 20.

On March 17, officers were in the area of Pokiok Crescent and saw the bike next to a trailer.

Police found Jones working at a home in the area.

When questioned, Jones said he had bought the bike for $1,200 from a man named Troy Harris. He also said he had all the necessary paperwork.

During a police interview, Jones denied working at Mr White’s home on the day in question.

When police checked the name Tory Harris, they discovered he had been incarcerated since October.

Asked to address the court, the defendant initially said he had nothing to say.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner then said: “You expect to steal a cycle in these circumstances and then tell me nothing?”

Jones responded: “I received it, I didn’t steal it.”

Mr Warner then said: “If what you’re saying is true, then you wouldn’t plead guilty at all because if you bought a cycle for $1,200 and got papers and all the documents, that would indicate there’s no reason for you to suspect or believe that the cycle was stolen.

“But if you’re lying about the explanation, then you are in possession of stolen goods and can be guilty of theft.”

Jones said: “I received papers for the bike and it had the same license plate and everything so I thought it was legit.”

Mr Warner then asked Jones if it was coincidental that he was working on the property the day before the bike was stolen.

He said he couldn’t remember because he worked at many houses.

Mr Warner jailed Jones for 30 days.