Wanted: Reward poster for information on gunman Omari Gordon
Wanted: Reward poster for information on gunman Omari Gordon
A fugitive who evaded police for more than a year after a shooting incident had been hiding out in Bermuda the whole time.

Acting on a tip-off, armed police yesterday cornered Omari Gordon, who was wanted for shooting at police officers, at a Sandys home.

He is understood to have been unrecognizable from a photo used on wanted posters, having grown a heavy beard and lost a substantial amount of weight.

His arrest brings to an end a manhunt launched after he was reported to have opened fire on three officers as they chased him through Middletown, Pembroke, in the early hours of November 29, 2008.

Police initially believed Mr. Gordon had fled Bermuda after the incident.

But now it appears the 26-year-old has remained holed up in a house on the island for the past 13 months.

Armed officers descended on his home at around 3pm yesterday and he was detained.

Mr. Gordon is not believed to have put up a struggle when he was arrested.

But his appearance had changed considerably - he had grown a full-length beard and lost a lot of weight.

He is currently being held in a police cell on the island and is due to be questioned by officers in the coming days. Yesterday, Superintendent Antoine Daniels confirmed Mr. Gordon had remained on the island for more than a year while evading capture.

He said: "We had suspected he had left the island but that does not seem to be the case.

"I would not say I am surprised that he was able to avoid capture for so long while being on the island. People in Bermuda help each other to avoid police but we will look to prosecute anyone who has tried to do this.

"Mr. Gordon's capture does show what we can achieve when the public come together and help police."

Mr. Daniels confirmed that the $5,000 reward offered for information leading to Mr. Gordon's arrest would be honoured.

Bermuda Police Service made the offer in wanted posters distributed across the island.