THURSDAY, JAN. 27: A St. George’s man who smashed his love rival’s car with a baseball bat was given probation and ordered to pay for the damages.

John Simons, 26, was charged today in Magistrates’ Court with willfully and unlawfully damaging a motorcar with damage exceeding $60. The court heard the damages totalled $5,311.47.

The car belonged to Kwame Curling, the boyfriend of Simons’ ex-girlfriend.

Crown counsel Tawana Tannock told the court Mr. Curling drove into St. George’s the night of December 27 and parked at his girlfriend’s house on Orange Hill Road.

Ms Tannock said: “A few minutes later, they heard sounds of breaking glass. When they looked out of the window, they saw the defendant smashing the car windows with a metal bat.

“He shouted: ‘Don’t be a p***y. Come outside.’”

Simons then left the area.

Mr. Curling called the police and Simons was arrested a short time later.

Ms Tannock requested a “short, sharp shock” for Simons and said he should be ordered to pay restitution to Mr. Curling.

Leo Mills, duty counsel, told Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo that the incident was a “matter of the heart that went sour”.

He said Simons had concern about Mr. Curling being around his 11-month-old child and was sorry for what he had done.

Mr. Mills also disputed the cost of the damages as the invoice from the repair shop included more damage that Simons was charged with causing.

Mr. Tokunbo adjourned the matter until February 25 so the Crown could get an accurate estimate.